Welcome to the Farm!
We offer a fine selection of fleece and fibers from Michigan grown
sheep and goats. We have been an operating farm since 1987 and
our property is the original Dobie Farm, which was settled in 1836.
We are the only two families to have lived on the property since it
was settled.

In the spring of 2018, we prepped the soil and planted 5.8 acres of
wildflowers and seed grasses for pollinators.  The buffer strips of
flowers  surround the pastures.  We did this mostly for the fact that
mono-culture farming is great for pollinators for two weeks, when the
crops are flowering, but where do bees, dragonflies, butterflies and
humingbirds find food after the crops have been pollinated?  They
need to eat, and we have the land to feed them.  We have always had
a garden for our farm visitors, the buffer strips were a natural
extension.  So, read on about the sheep, goats and fiber products.  
But think about making an appointment to visit, there's so much more
to see in person!

Our livestock produce lovely merino wool and mohair for
wear-next-to-your-skin soft, natural fiber products.  We sell cowls,
scarfs, hats, socks and yarn.  I've become the dryer ball queen and
sell them
online and at shows. They are $10 each or 3 for $25.   If you
must have some mailed to you, feel free to contact me at

We have both natural color merino CVM crosses and pure white
Merino ewes.  The white wool is usually made into 3-ply worsted
weight yarn.  I have about 25 skeins left of the 50/50 handknitter's
worsted yarn sold under the name
Fresh Water Fiber. The proceeds
from this yarn go directly back to the Michigan fiber cooperative and
the farmers whose wool or alpaca is in the yarn.  
When we attend
shows we bring our fine merino yarn, the Fresh Water Fiber
Yarn and spinners'
roving from our Romney and Teeswater cross

My fine wool traditional style Ruff Girl/Tuff Guy socks are no longer
availabble.  Zeilingers sold their sock machines!  But don't worry, we
are working with Northland Woolens out of Minnesota for this year's
batch of socks.  They will be 50/50 merino alpaca with the yarn spun
at Zeilingers and the socks made in Minnesota.  Three cheers for
grown and made in the USA!  

I'll be bringing some fleeces to the Michigan Fiber Festival in August.
They will be $10 a pound, divided into four pound bags - perfect for a
sweater or shawl.  I'm taking a cue from my good friend Jane Link and
working on providing spinners roving at the festival too.

Wool from our seven natural color ewes is made into
Ruff Girl and
Tuff Guy
socks.  Soft and warm, you will want to give these as gifts to
loved ones.

The farm shop is now open by appointment (you might miss us if we
are out working somewhere on the farm, fixing fences, cleaning
stalls, mowing, or just plain lounging): Please email for an
appointment and directions:
happygoatluckyewe@yahoo.com.  The
farm shop carries locally grown and made
woolen/alpaca/mohair/cashmere products.
These lovely angora goat kids
are waiting for the gate to
open so they can explore the
back 40.
It takes our 70 animals 365
days to grow their fleeces
and 1,200 bales of hay,7,800
pounds of grain,  2,600
pounds of minerals, a team
of shearers, veterinarians,
farmhands, and two
guardian dogs to operate the
Blister Block - Ruff Girl
hiking socks and other items
from our sheep are available
at the farm.  When you visit,
you can hike the fields,
peruse the wool shop, even
pick out a fleece for next
Sponsor a sheep:
Community supported
agriculture ventures usually
center around food.  Here we
offer sponsorship of an
animal.  In return you get the
raw fleece off their backs on
shearing day. Your
sponsorship supplies care
and feeding of the animal for
the year.  In return you walk
away with an eight to 10
pound fleece.
Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm and Pollinator Sanctuary
Vincent, one of our merino