Welcome to Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm!  

We offer a fine selection of fleece and fibers from Michigan grown sheep and
goats.  Our livestock produce soft-as-a-cloud cashmere and
wear-next-to-your-skin fine wool products such as socks and yarn.

When we attend shows we bring our fine yarn and spinners'
roving from our
Romney girls
. You will find that we have moved toward a finer fleece by
welcoming Larry, the Moorit California Variegated Mutant (CVM) ram to
our farm in 2014.  We had six ewes lamb in May and we welcomed eight
babies: four males, four females; four colored lambs and four white.

We have both natural color merino CVM crosses and pure white Merino
ewes.  The white wool is usually made into 3-ply worsted weight yarn. This
year I'll be bringing some fleeces to the Michigan Fiber Festival.  They will
be $10 a pound, split into two four pound bags

Wool from our seven natural color ewes is made into
Ruff Girl and Tuff Guy
socks.  Soft and warm, you will want to give these as gifts to loved ones.

The farm shop is now open by appointment: Please call for diections:
The shop carries comforter batting,
felted hats, coin purses and cell phone
covers.  You will also find
handspun and custom spun yarns and hand knitted
scarves.  We also carry, ponchos,
sweaters, baby blankets, socks and shawls.
Handspun yarns draped over Louet
spinning wheel.
Where's our stuff?
Please take a look at the article about our on-farm
shop. Open by appointment.
Natural color, chocolate brown from
Czar, our Merino: 2.9 0z, 250 yards,
fingerweight - limited veggie matter
(you know how boys are) $12 a skein
MSU State News slide show by Kat Peterson
Articles about us:
August pasture 2011
Try our so, soooo soft Missouri cotton
(from Aunt Barbara and Farmer Jeff
)and my lamb's wool mix.
270 yds 3.9 ounces/
Sportweight = $12/skein
Cashmere goats at Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm
Emma Baker models her sweater
Wow!  Emma Baker made this lovely
sweater from Michigan Yarn Company
yarn- Congratulations Emma!
Michigan Fiber Festival, August 14, 15 & 16, 2015
Mason Christmas Craft Sale, Nov. 12, 13 & 14,  2015: at the
Farm Shop is open on Sundays by appointment email for info
We are so pleased to offer dyed merino yarns -
each batch is unique and dyed so that a sweater
may be knit up - 5 skeins, 200 yards, worsted
weight, 3.75 ounces.  We sent 45 pounds to the
mill and got 23 back.   Lots of pills removed, so
you don't have to do it later. Five skeins for  $125
100% Merino yarn:
50/50% Alpaca/Merino from my
sheep and Millers' alpacas
Ellen and Ailene, our Romney ewes.
Maria the Merino and her
daughter in full fleece
Yummy pasture... the secret
ingredient to a Michigan grown
Gifts from the Earth
These wonderful socks are $35. They are
from a small batch of natural color wool
from my merino X girls. Fine and soft,
mixed with a bit of nylon for strength,
they will last years if you take good care
of them. They come in small, medium
and Men's large. Some have been kettle
dyed (I couldn't resist) in jewel tones.
Standard Poodle &
Chocolate Labrador
pups are here!
This summer we have welcomed puppies from Boofenshcline
and Boba!  This is new for us, and we are approaching this
cautiously.  Before you lecture us about adopting from a
shelter, our two past family dogs were adopted first from the
Ingham County Animal Shelter in 1984 and the Capitol Area
Humane society in 1999.  We loved our darling mutts.  They
gave us joy and I recommend adopting from a shelter, always.  
But, my dream has been to own a Standard Poodle - and she is
the absolute best pet ever.  She's a lover, smart and easy.  She's
a dream come true.

Enter my nephew Shane's hunting dog, a chocolate Lab named
Boba.  We started talking about Larbradoodles. They were
originally bred to be service dogs for people with allergies.
Poodles don't shed, they have to be trimmed, or clipped.  Many
people find the dander released from shedding dogs causes an
allergic reaction.  Although poodles still produce dander, it's not
as impactful to sensitive people as that of a shedding dog.

Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed the mixed breed will be a
non-shedding dog.  Thus, the cross has been rejected as a
service dog.  BUT, bringing these two breeds together creates a
wonderful pet! They are confident family dogs. Labradoodles
are gentle, loyal and beautiful!

The commitment to own one
includes grooming every six
weeks and lots of exercise.  
Boofie goes on a three mile
walk about four times a week.

The pups were born July 13 - we have five apricot and five
black!  Five are female and five are male.  We already have six
of ten pups claimed.. They are ready to go to their forever
homes on September 15, 2015.

Boofie is a wonderful dam and she has been very gentle and
attentive. New owners are welcome to visit their pups after
August 10.

Email happygoatluckyewe@yahoo.com for information on
Labradoodle puppies.
Merino Wool Dryer Balls in sweet
packages: $6.00
Socks at Absolute Gallery in Old Town, Lansing
Dryer balls at Buoy at the Lake, Manitou Beach, MI
Dyer balls at Beverly Rae's Boutique in Brighton, MI
Dryer balls at Country Enchantments in Wyandotte, MI
Dryer balls: AzenzaSalon and Spa in Birmingham, MI
Click on this image of Boofie and Boba to see a video of the puppies
Here's poppa Boba checking out his
one week old pup.
At three weeks eyes are still
closed.  A little bit f wave
is starting to show
Click on this picture of my children
and puppy to see a video of Boofie
nursing the pups.... you will have
to toggle down the page.